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The next section states the advantages of the new object-oriented simulation package compared to the old procedural language version. After that it will be shown how the Java files work to support discrete-event simulation.

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Finally a single-server single server queue simulation c++ simulation is implemented using the Java package. The object-oriented version is preferable to the original procedural language versions of SIMLIB in that it is easier to understand and teach simulation from an object point of view.

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Students learn far more beginning with SIMLIB then they would by beginning with sophisticated commercial-quality simulation packages in which important details of the simulation implementation are hidden and thus never understood.

In fact, the SIMLIB experience imparts the sort of deep knowledge of simulation without which the author of this paper could not have produced this work. Second, in the object-oriented version of SIMLIB the relationship between the simulation model and the real world is more obvious than in the procedural language version and therefore easier to teach and to understand.

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It is certainly easier to understand that a customer gets into a queue at the back then it is to understand that the arrival time for a customer is stored in list 3 a queue in order based on the data in position 2 arrival time.

Hill and Meyer both commented on object-orientation as the apparent choice in discreteevent simulation.

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Meyer noted that objectorientation was probably used more in simulation than in any other domain. Hill explained that popularity by noting that the object-oriented 1.

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Introduction Law and Kelton presents an easy-tounderstand discrete-event simulation package called SIMLIB which takes care of some standard list-processing tasks as well as several other common simulation chores, such as processing the event list, accumulating statistics, generating random numbers and observations from a few distributions, and writing out results.

A review of Law and Kelton on Amazon. Law and Kelton mentions the growing popularity of the objectorientation in simulation and lists several advantages to the object-orientation those advantages and others are mentioned in the next section.

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In other words, one writes a discrete-event simulation when writing any object-oriented program. Java does not use pointers which are difficult to teach or understand.

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Also, Java performs automatic garbage collection. That is, all objects that are no longer used in a program are automatically discarded saving computer memory space and obviating the need to teach students to return memory occupied by unused objects to the system.

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Fourth, Java as an object-oriented language supports data hiding so students cannot accidentally change simulation variables such as the clock time which is a global variable in the original version of SIMLIB. For example, the original SIMLIB had one master list of lists so the student had to know the index of the event list or the index of the list representing a customer queue.

In the Java version a list can be given any name the student likes so the event list can be called something easily remembered like eventList, and the customer single server queue simulation c++ can be called something easily remembered like queue the italicized names are used in the single server simulation which follows. Sixth, since Java is the language of the web, the 7 files presented here could be rewritten as an applet and uploaded to run on the web. This object-oriented version consists of 5 main files and 2 support files.

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All 7 files are listed in the Appendix I. The 5 main files are: List. The 2 support files are: EmptyListException.

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Variables and lists are initialized the 2 boxes on the top of the flowchart Stage 2. A loop operates until a stopping condition is reached. Stage 3. The results are printed out.

Lecture 14 - Simulation of a single server queueing system

Every simulation needs several lists. A list might represent a queue at a bank, or jobs waiting to be processed on a machine. One special list, the event list, contains events in the order in which those events are to take place.

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In the second stage of the simulation the event list determines what happens and when it happens. Events are removed from the event list in chronological order. Just before an event is processed, the simulation clock is advanced to the time that the event takes place.

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Every simulation needs methods for generating random numbers. For example, the simulation may need to generate a random interarrival time the time between arrivals to determine when the next customer will arrive. The designer of the simulation may want the interarrival time for customers to be according to an exponential distribution with a mean of 5 single server queue simulation c++, and the amount of time it takes to service a customer to be according to another distribution with a different mean.

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Finally every simulation needs to track and record both continuous and discrete statistics.