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Schlussendlich vermittelt Dezentrum einen Ausblick in die Zukunft einer dezentralisierten Gesellschaft. September Time: To counteract these problems, together with project partners from the car ecosystem insurance, importer, car dealer, road traffic agency, legal research departmentresearchers from the Information Management Research Group at the UZH implement a blockchain-based digital car dossier.

Moreover, it examines the role of the cryptocurrency bitcoin within that context.

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While it is clear that the invention of bitcoin was an existential condition to the creation of the first cryptomarket, it is left to wonder if bitcoin would have made it into the mainstream without the prior adaptation in online drug trade. EUREKA: a modern review and rating system for science publishing and research Every year, billions of dollars are allocated to research which is never published.

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In addition, publishing companies demanded increasingly large fees for their services. The most important of these services relates to the quality control of each publication.

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This is achieved through peer review. Typically peer reviewers are not paid for the work of reviewing and they must rely on public funds to do their work. Researchers are forced to pay access fees to publishing companies to access their own research and the research of others.

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The percentage is larger than the profit margins of Google and Apple. The current system of publication is one in which avarice and profit maximisation hinder jan bühlmann single progress. Rewarding editors and reviewers, as well as others involved in the research cycle, for their work in the publication process is of crucial importance.

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The token will incentivise replication studies by rewarding both negative and positive results which relate to replication and reproducibility of research.

EKA, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain, will play jan bühlmann single central part in extending the existing publishing platform of ScienceMatters.

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Bodybuilder kennenlernen will democratise science publishing and research by bringing publishing into the modern age of blockchain. EUREKA will ensure a future of research and publication in science in which all parties involved will be compensated fairly.

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It is organized by the University of Zurich and takes place on Oct. He will talk about experiences in recent blockchain projects including a platform for student dossiers and applications for the Internet of things.

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As typical for Fraunhofer researchers, he is not only talking about technologies, but also about the business and legal challenges and opportunities of Blockchain Technologies. After the talk he is open to discuss opportunities for collaborations.

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The talk will be a Brownbag talk, i. In total, more than 50 students of computer science and economics presented their seminar papers on technical basics, economic and organizational potentials and applications.

Under the leadership of Prof. Gerhard Schwabe and Prof. Claudio Tessone they have shared innovative ideas regards concepts and perspectives of Blockchain technology.