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So how do memes work? Well, something done consciously and unconsciously builds a meme. They aren't something you can usually point at, and to devolve them or use them seems to work best when it happens in an unconscious way.

single taken meme generator

Let's take a meme building activity like a new fashion. Some pioneers wear it, soon the media acts as a platform for others to espouse it.

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Everyone quickly becomes aware of it, but not everyone is going to adopt it unless it fits in with the zeitgeist. Instead of a fashion that we can see, imagine this applying to a new philosophy or single taken meme generator belief.

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The longer this meme is single taken meme generator, then the more it accretes levels of meaning and spreads to include lifestyles, food, clothes and stance, all of which can indicate a particular meme. For example, consider the meme of an artist, or what it would mean to be a beatnik, hippy or a rasta.

A meme that started as a fashion can soon be taken to include preferred foods or political viewpoints and philosophy. The views held by a person can now be deduced, simply by looking at the hat that they wear.


Like a plate resting upon a table, where there are only a few disparate molecules in direct contact. Or a brain where an idea can lodge in one of several areas, a meme could be said to lodge in some of many possible minds.

It may change minds often and doesn't have a constant localization. Academics single taken meme generator to think that the earlier fashion meme is somehow simpler than the later accretion of several attributes.

They have claimed that the simple thing that got imitated is somehow a pure meme, and the later development is a meme complex. I deny this thinking as intellectual laziness, and contend that the latter is contained wholly in the former. It's just that we haven't yet had to time to see its full fruition so are duped into assuming a seed is more complex than a flower. Just single taken meme generator we can't yet chart a development, or because there is controversy here, does not mean that it isn't so.

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The controversy lies in the consequence being contained in the premise. There are too many vested interests that need to separate these links of x leading to y, and there is a very big blame game to play if we go down the path of accepting that some minor detail will lead to major dissonance.

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But this is what memes do. They start as a minor detail, say a schoolkid wearing a safety pin, and become a fully blown segment of human behavior with a generational chunk of glue sniffers.

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Now I use a dramatic illustration but I also feel that we can't hold back a memetic tide, nor would we endear ourselves to anyone by trying to do so. Memes are morally neutral, having both good and bad aspects that vary according to our interpretation.

What can seem harmful can produce benefit and vice-versa, which is the yin and yang of them. When I first read Dawkin's book a quarter of a century ago, I had already formed a nebulous theory of mental energy. Living in what seemed to be a vast population of like-minded people, where people all reacted the same or used the same current expressions, I envisaged a gigantic group mind.

single taken meme generator

Similar to ants or bees or flocks of birds, it seemed to me that we all acted in a predictable manner that was linked to the group. I'd started to consider this a gigantic psychic generator that could surely be tapped in some way. Another thought was that there would be nodes where you could find certain phenomena like a very lucky person or someone that could do no wrong.

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I imagined that these nodes flirt signale der frauen be related to interference patterns and denoted either something more normal than normal, or a recipient of all this psychic flow. It took a couple of years to simmer, before I knew how to use it, and about 15 years before I suddenly realized the further implications of memetics.

The mechanistic model of building and devolving memes wasn't the crux of the matter though undoubtedly this would be what people first glommed onto.

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Consciousness seems to be a factor in the transmission process, though not an absolute. It's just that memes seem to operate better the less aware we are of their operation. Unaware as well as conscious effort builds a meme so that it can be said to have a growth period, and once built, is able to be devolved, by others often unconnected to the building process.

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This devolvement works best by unconscious effort and is a way for knowledge to become distributed in a way once thought to be science fiction. The potential of telepathy, although fantastic, can be explained in memetic terms.

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