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Maral is Armenian, she was born in Damascus, and her way of thinking is closely connected with

the Syrian mentality. Even as a small girl she enjoyed showing the adults her first dance steps.

She has studied the folklore dance at the folklore school of a broadcasting company.

Maral became a  Professional photographer, but beginning in 1976, she performed as the lead
dancer in the  folklore group “Zannubya” for six years.
Her marriage to a German took her to Kuwait four years when her husband was transferred there
with his company. There she learned the folklore of that beautiful country.


After returning to Germany, she started teaching oriental dance and middle eastern folklore in

Saarbruecken in 1988. 


Her performances, highlighted by her elegance, temperament, her unmistakable humour and

brilliant improvisation, made her quickly to a popular and successful dancer and teacher.

Her mastery of the Arabic tongue and its fine nuances, her interpretation ofevery instrument, and
her knowledge of Arabian rhythm, garantuee very special, exact, informative and individual

workshops. Workshops at festivals in Austria, France, Finland, Holland, Estonia, Russia, England,

Italy, Switzerland and USA belong to her program.

Maral said:

„It is a great joy for me to present Arabic culture to people in Germany and throug all Europe.

Whether I'm performing or teaching, I enjoy it  so much … after all, I'm doing something I really

love. This enriches my existence, my self-awareness, and my spirit. And one more thing: I'm not



Maral's personal attitude :

"On my dancefloor, I feel free, and I show my true soul, my inside emotions. These are pure

emotions and no studied movements. I let my emotions flow because in this moment I sing with

my body the text to the music."





















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