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Maral teaches her professional dance with much empathy and vitality. It is her aim that each

dancer learns to show the performance and technique exactly and with much expression.

Also her song translations are very helpful for this, of course, they are communicated during the

workshop. Each workshop-participant will feel the pure fun of dancing because of Maral's

temperament and special character.


Are you interested in engaging Maral for a workshop in your town?


Overview about possible workshop- / training issues:                                                   


* Exotic & Oriental:  Salsa,  Flamenco, Bollywood, Afro, Cha Cha Cha, Merengue, Rock & Roll etc.

Folklore from Syria: Dabkeh,  Basket Dance,  Muwashahat   (also as training or project)

* Different choreographies individually for solo-dancers or dance groups   












* Rhythm & dance    (also as seminar)

* Persian / Armenian dances  

* What to dance to different instruments 

* Clean up your movements! 

* Classic (opening with veil)   

* Modern / Oriental 

* Akkordeon Baladi (Tet-Baladi)  

* Melaya Laff   

* Different shimmy-variations

* Pop & Baladi-Oriental 

* Uncomplicated step combinations  

* Body language in dance

* Cane dance (also to drum solo)  

* Gypsy dance   

* Drum-solo (also modern)  








My workshop issues up to date

Melaya Leff:

"Melaya" is the big elegant shawl which women wear when they leave their house.

The dance with the Melaya is a folk dance from Alexandria which is funny, jaunty and

very coquettish. A choreography with Arabian awareness of life and of the self!


Rhythm, dance & uncomplicated step combinations:

In this workshop technique, rhythm, steps and dance elements are explained after

MARAL's system. To get an intensive feeling of rhythm MARAL has defined basic steps

for the most important Arabian rhythms! So you'll also have a basic repertoire of

steps and combinations to improvise your own dance.



Dance from Syria and Lebanon. A group dance (also duet) which is very powerful through

the proud position and rhythmic steps. A very amusing and exceptional folk dance. The

workshop consists of a choreography made from some step variations which you learn at

the beginning of this workshop.


Clean up your movements:

Tips and exercises for your dance technique! Right position, elegant steps and turns,

beauty arms and good isolation is the aim of this workshop.


What to dance to which instrument

What could be better than having individual movements for each instrument? Your

observer will be impressed by thinking that you spell the music by your dance.

A very important and interesting topic!



Latin-American hip swing combined with oriental dance elements. Especial, passionate

and with much temperament.


Spanish-oriental: up-to-date choreography!

Modern Arabian pop music with Spanish flair. This dance will extend your repertoire.

Oriental movements with Spanish touch define this jaunty dance. Please bring wide skirt.


Pharaoh-oriental Fantasy:

Mystic music and fantastic soft movements, a grandiose dance but not difficult!

Fascinating opening of performance, for stage or private festivities.



"Gypsies" have some more liberties. Make your dance a little bit more jauntily, extend

your repertoire. Come into the gypsy flair! Please bring wide skirt.


Armenian dance:

choreography with great expression to a lovely folk-music. Dancing with much feeling and

expression, from soft and smooth dance elements to coquettish and joyous movements,

full of spirit.



A classic dance routine consists of a spirited intro, a main part with different rhythms,

often with a sentimental Takasim (accordion, cittern, violin, etc), then a fulminant finale.

Such a dance is not only for stage but also for a "normal" performance.


Oriental Pop:

A dance t a new Arabian hit. You and your audience will enjoy these jaunty and

coquettish accents. Very good performance for encore!


Rhythm & dance:

Get an intensive feeling for rhythms! Basis steps for the most important Arabian rhythms,

such as Masmudi-klein, Maksum, Malfuff and Chiftetelli. This workshop is for getting basic

repertoire of steps and combinations so you can improvise your dance easily.

A workshop not only for dance learners.


Tet-Baladi (accordion baladi);

Communication between tabla, accordion and dancer! Dancing with feminine, passionate,

individual, sensual expression! Technique and step combinations. This workshop is for far

advanced dancers.



A workshop for all dancers – advanced as well as beginners. You will improve your

technique, you will learn how to make shimmies easily without cramped hands and arms

and all this with different shimmie-variations and possibilities. Basis and exercises for




You take the passionate salsa rhythm, mix it with oriental sounds, flavour it with South-

American temperament plus some "Maral-pepper" and the new Salsa oriental creation is



Let' rock:

The Egyptian singer "Mustafa Amar" sings an Arabian Rock'n Roll and I have made the

perfect performance for this song. Let me teach you this fantastic choreography.


Modern-oriental,  Pop-Baladi,  Drum solo, etc.











































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